We’ve put our minds to creating a range of solutions to meet your needs. So fleet managers and companies can enjoy cost-effectiveness, drivers can enjoy style and performance, and you’ll all benefit from the fuel efficiency, tax savings, less time off the road and peace-of-mind servicing.

A range of 26 models giving you choice without compromise.

Committed to quality keeping your drivers on the move.

Class-leading whole life costs, company and driver savings.

Award winning service and more peace of mind with our Service Charter.

Be cleaner and more fuel-efficient with the World’s No. 1 Green Brand (Interbrand 2011 & 2012).

Better by design, perfectly balancing your business needs and drivers’ requirements.

Welcome to Fleet Services

There's a lot to think about when choosing the right vehicles for your business. What vehicles will help your people do their jobs better? And what about the other considerations such as whole-life and running costs, tax implications, servicing, repairs, financing and after sales care?

With a superior range, advanced technologies and long-term funding solutions our dedicated Fleet and Business team can help with every aspect of running your fleet or business.

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Calculate and compare annual and 3-year BIK and NI costs for your company car. Our free app is not just for new vehicles, it also includes P11d values and tax for vehicles already registered.

  • Designed for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
  • Photo recognition and registration look-up
  • Easy navigation
  • Slider modification of results by tax year or income
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Calculate and compare annual and 3-year Cut through the business car tax and finance maze quickly with our new free tax guide. Our comprehensive interactive resource explains how business vehicles are treated for tax in the UK.

  • Latest tax and finance literature and tables
  • Quick considerations guide
  • Dynamic updates for the latest information
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Contact Us If you have any feedback from using our tax applications then please get in touch.

Learn more about our unmatched vehicle range and how both our passenger cars and LCVs can save costs for both drivers and companies.

Discover more about our pursuit of perfection and experience how our legendary product quality and customer service can help your business.

Toyota & Lexus offer an extensive range of services to help you before and after you purchase your vehicle. From Business Finance to our After Sales care with our warranty and vehicle servicing. The services and benefits keep going even after you've left the showroom.

We are proud of the award winning quality of the products and services we provide and getting your vehicle serviced in the very best facilities, by the people who built it, is the surest way to protect its value and enjoy the very best experience.

Toyota Optimal Drive reduces emissions, improves fuel economy and increases performance.

Hybrid Synergy Drive is the world’s leading hybrid power-train.

Lexus offers a full range of hybrid luxury vehicles delivering lower cost without compromise.

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