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AccessToyota is the ideal way to get into the car you want at a price you can afford. Available on all models in the Toyota range, this personal contract purchase (PCP) plan is convenient and flexible. So how does it work? Once you've chosen the Toyota you want, decide how long you'd like the term of the agreement to be, from two to three years, and how many miles you want to drive a year.

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3 Simple parts

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Think of the cost of your new car as being divided into three different parts:

  • 1. Deposit

    Agree an amount to suit you. This can be as little as you want, up to as much as 35% of the price of your Toyota.

  • 2. Guaranteed Future Value

    We set a minimum guaranteed future value (GFV) for your car. This guarantees how much your vehicle will be worth with TFS in the future. Along with the deposit, this amount is deducted from the cash price.

  • 3. Difference

    Your monthly payments are then calculated on the difference, plus interest charges, which means they will often be more affordable than a standard Hire Purchase agreement or Personal Loan.

3 Flexible choices

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Think of the cost of your new car as being divided into three different parts:

  • 1. Upgrade

    Part-exchange your car and drive away in a brand-new Toyota. If the trade-in value is more than the GFV, you can put the equity towards your next car.

  • 2. Keep

    If you want to keep the car, simply pay the GFV* and it’s yours.

    *When you pay the option to purchase fee.

  • 3. Return

    Hand your vehicle back to us subject to fair wear and tear conditions being met and any applicable fees being paid.

Key benefits

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  • A proportion of the amount you’re borrowing is deferred to the end of your agreement, which means your monthly payments are often more affordable than with other forms of borrowing.

  • With affordable monthly payments you may be able to upgrade your choice of vehicle, or add extras like accessories or pre-paid servicing.

  • Your payments are fixed, so there are no hidden financial surprises, and you can choose a term to suit you, from two to three years.

  • The future value of your car is guaranteed with TFS, so you won’t lose out if trade-in values drop – and you could even benefit from some equity if they rise.

  • You can enjoy all the benefits of driving a brand-new car more often, and your maintenance costs will be much lower – in fact, you may never be out of warranty.