You spend lots of time in your car, so you should feel good when you’re in it.

Elegant on the outside, intelligent on the inside, and invigorating to drive, New Yaris sets the standard for hybrid, petrol and diesel small cars. Check out exclusive images, browse the range of models, and explore New Yaris by scrolling down the page.

  • active

    Progressive design and a high-tech ambience give Active a modern vibe, perfect for every journey.

  • icon

    Distinctive on the outside and smart on the inside, the Icon is the eye-catching model that keeps you connected.

  • sport

    Stylish and dynamic, New Yaris Sport comes with vivid colours and daring detailing to create a look that gets noticed.

  • excel

    Chic and naturally refined, Excel has a precise blend of tones and materials, giving just the right flavour of sophistication.

look the part

It’s a great feeling when something fits perfectly

You work hard to look good, your car should do the same. Stepping out at the gym or waiting on the school run, New Yaris is the small car with considerable presence. Vibrant detail brings the exterior to life, whilst the spacious interior provides all the room you need to fit in with your lifestyle. See for yourself by browsing these exclusive images.

take control

intelligent power for the best of both worlds

Petrol or Diesel is for you because…

  • More money in your pocket as cost is lower
  • More choice with three standard engines
  • More options as both come in manual or automatic
  • More styles with four grades including New Yaris Sport

You should choose hybrid because…

  • So simple to drive a child could do it
  • So serene and quiet especially in electric mode
  • So economical you can get up to 85.6mpg*
  • So green there’s zero road tax or congestion charge^

*The combined figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing.
These are provided for comparability purposes and may not reflect your actual driving experience. ^Icon Hybrid only.

Drive Out Loud

Find your music, your route and more

You are always in demand and need to be connected, your car should be an extension of your life. In New Yaris you’re never stuck in traffic, as ToyotaTouch2* technology keeps you entertained. With Bluetooth, iPod and MP3 connectivity you can be the rock star of your own journey. Find your track safely, stay on track with full map navigation, and make each journey an encore.

*Standard on Icon Sport and Excel grades only.

  • Full map navigation

    Stress-free navigation with a clear visual display of signposts, junctions and lane guidance to simplify your journey.

    Optional extra (not available on Active).

  • Bluetooth

    Simple connectivity with Bluetooth to download your phone book and make safe hands free calls and texts that keeps to you connected.

  • MP3 & iPod® connectivity

    Easy access to your music through USB or Bluetooth connection for rich sound quality and screen display for safe operation.

  • Rear-view camera

    Stress-free parking with rear-view monitor identifying any hidden dangers, allowing you to park easily and safely.

  • Hybrid Energy Flow Monitor

    Straight-forward monitoring of your Hybrid system ensures it’s functioning correctly, and highlights how it benefits your driving.

    Hybrid vehicles only

Lose Your Inhibitions

Express yourself everywhere you go

You are passionate about what you do, your journeys should inspire you. New Yaris is helping drivers like you fall in love with driving again. Dedicated attention to detail and precision engineering create a driving experience that gives you total confidence with every corner, leaving you free to enjoy the safe, smooth and rewarding ride that comes with New Yaris.

Model shown is not to UK specification

Revitalise your journeys

Leave in style and arrive with a hybrid smile

You are always on the go, your car should help you relax and let off steam. Put your seatbelt on, push the start button and put in drive; operating a New Yaris Hybrid is that simple. The quiet, effortless performance ensures the stress of urban traffic ebbs away, and you arrive refreshed and energised. Hybrid isn’t just about saving the car’s energy; it’s also about saving yours.