Pure driver appeal

Control, grip and stability that put you back in touch with the road

The GT86 was designed around key principles: lightweight body, front-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, great balance and handling - the perfect blend of pedigree and performance. The GT86 with its power train and driving position as low and as far back as possible to deliver great power and handling.

Classic driving dynamics

Naturally aspirated for consistent torque it delivers precise, instant response and consistently exhilarating performance through the entire rev range – connecting the driver to the road in a way that power alone can’t achieve. Its torque-sensing limited slip differential and two-mode VSC system lets you switch between driving modes. You can also switch the system off completely for a fully engaging GT86 experience.

Smooth, responsive gear changes

The manual transmission delivers quick, precise shifting through close-stacked ratios for agile performance, while the automatic achieves the world’s fastest torque converter shift speed – at just two tenths of a second. Steering wheel mounted shift switches prioritise responsiveness in upshift for rapid changes and a consistently smooth experience.

Video shows MY14 GT86.

Every inch the classic sports coupe

Superior aerodynamics for incredible road holding

Aerodynamic contours that push air from the top, bottom and sides combine to deliver incredible stability and grip and an impressive drag co-efficient of 0.27.

From its large, low grille and high intensity headlights* that give it an open expressive glare from the front, to its sleek aerodynamic body contours, lightweight 17-inch twin spoke alloys and unique GT86 marque styling, its distinctive, assertive appearance make it an instant sporting icon. Optional side, roof and bonnet decals^ in black or silver let you customise the sports look further.

*Hgh intensity headlights not available with Primo grade.
^Optional decals not available with Aero grade.

Elegant and focused

Designed around the driver

Simple, bold, uncluttered – the cockpit is designed around the driver. The seating position is low; you’re gripped by the sculpted seats, perfectly positioned for the sports style aluminium pedals. Aviation style switches and controls are intuitively positioned - the buckskin covered sports steering wheel and short throw gearshift are natural and instinctively designed for sports driving.

Performance styling touches

The interior is available with a choice of two trims – classic black, or black with red steering wheel, gear-knob, handbrake and door handle inserts*. Sports cloth black seats are fitted as standard whilst full black leather with black Alcantara® seat trim^ and full black leather with red Alcantara® seat trim+ are available as optional extras.

*Black with red interior available with GT86 only.
^Full black leather with black Alcantara® seat trim optional with GT86 and Aero grades only.
+Full black leather with red Alcantara® seat trim optional with GT86 and Aero grades only.

Technology that puts you back in control

For whatever the town or track throws at you

The essence of a sports car is driver control. High-tech driver aids can get in the way of the skill and emotion of driving. The GT86 is engineered to give you complete control, equipped with unobtrusive technology designed only to enhance your experience.

Smart Entry and Start system*, cruise control, scuff plates and the Toyota Touch touchscreen control system for unprecedented in-car convenience – come as standard on all grades except Primo. Touch lets you control the six-speaker audio system, provides hands-free call answering with Bluetooth technology, and lets you choose your soundtrack to the road with music streaming, and a USB port.

*Smart Entry and Start system not available with Primo grade.

Puts you in complete control

Upgrade to Toyota Touch and Go to be even more connected. Enhanced sat nav with safety camera warnings, on-board connection to Google Local Search.

The Real Deal

From the beginning, the concept was to put the driver back at the heart of the sports car. Explore the GT86’s outstanding reviews:

"Toyota’s new sports car appeals to your head as well as your heart."
Auto Express

"This is my sort of performance car. Good steering, nice crisp gear change, revvy engine"
Top Gear Magazine

"The GT86 has come barrelling into the marketplace with a big, dirty smile on its face. It’s a car designed for one thing: fun...”
Jeremy Clarkson

"It’s a car that makes the driver feel like a hero"
Sunday Times

Video shows MY14 GT86.

The GT86 Timeline

Toyota Sports 800 - 1962

Toyota's first production sports car – the Sports 800 – the prototype was called the “Toyota Publica Sports” and had its debut at the 1962 Tokyo Auto Show.

A year later Toyota showed a prototype for a Publica-based sports car with removable roof, going into production in 1965 – beating Porsche into production with what we now know as the Targa top.

2000GT - 1965

Inspired to design a sports car that would rival those in Europe, we unveiled the now iconic Toyota 2000GT at the Tokyo Motor Show. A limited production, front engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat coupe grand tourer – it was considered the first Japanese Supercar. It boasted 150bhp, a five-speed gearbox, a top speed of 140mph and could achieve 0-60 in just 9 seconds.

The 2000GT was made even more famous for its appearance in the Bond movie, You Only Live Twice, driven by Sean Connery. At the time of the movie, the car was only available as a coupe; Toyota custom-made 2 convertible models exclusively for the movie.

Still highly collectable today, it revolutionised the way Japanese car manufacturers were seen by the motor sport and engineering world. The 2000GT had a successful motorsports career too, coming third in the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix and winning the Fuji 24-Hour race in 1967. It also set several FIA world records for speed and endurance in a 72-hour test.

Corolla GT (AE86) - 1983

Now a classic among enthusiasts (and drift racers) for its excellent handling and affordable price, the Corolla GT (AE86) coupe was a rear-wheel drive with a fuel injected 4 cylinder twin-cam engine, born in a time of front engine, front wheel drive cars. Also known as the Corolla Levin and Corolla Trueno, the AE86 reference refers to the chassis code – and is a big inspiration to today’s GT86.

During its production life, and beyond, it was a popular choice for motorsport, especially rallying and circuit racing. It won the British Touring Car Championship in 86 and 87, and was popular among the Japanese “hashiriya” (street racers) who would race them through mountain passes where the corners suited it best thanks to its low kerb weight, balance and powerful engine – its limited slip differential made it a favourite among the drift crowd.

GT86 - 2012

A welcome return to the Toyota sporting heritage and homage to so the AE86 and 2000GT, the GT86 is born. A front-engine, rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated sports coupe with low centre of gravity and near-perfect power to weight ratio. The real deal.

GT86 - Aero

2014 saw the introduction of the GT86 Aero. The refined look was characterised by a striking body kit featuring aero rear spoiler, body skirts, and 18-inch OZ Ultraleggera alloy wheels.