Sales and Marketing

Here at Toyota, we're proud to be renowned for our clean, efficient (and, of course, stylish) vehicles.

But there are so many other things we do to help keep our environmental impact to a minimum. It's a commitment that goes right to the heart of our organisation – be it at our import centre near Bristol, our head office in Surrey or our factories in Derbyshire and Deeside.

In 2010, Toyota was one of the first vehicle manufacturers in the UK to receive the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition of our environmental performance. We have since gained re-certification in 2012, with an even better score! Our target for 2013 is to have reduced the carbon footprint of all our facilities by 20 per cent since 2009. That's not an easy task, but at our last official measurement, taken in March 2012, revealed that we had already cut consumption by 19 per cent.

This success is down to a far-reaching action plan. At our vehicle import centre in Portbury, near Bristol, we are using targeted low-energy LED lighting in our car parks and workshops. At our head office in Epsom, we have fine-tuned the heating and lighting systems while also promoting the most efficient use of computers and other equipment. And, across Great Britain, our dealers are being encouraged to cut back on energy use, with the majority now using smart meters and monitoring systems.

The result is that thousands of tonnes of carbon have been reduced, spared, eliminated. But we're not stopping there. We are well on course to build on our success with more forward-thinking (and, we like to think, ingenious) initiatives.

Toyota Dealers

Our dealers do more than just showcase the cutting-edge hybrid technology used to power vehicles such as the 7 seat Prius+ or the Auris Hybrid.

Across the UK, our 180 dealers support the a Better Tommorrow programme, which is designed to develop close links with local communities as well as encouraging a reduction in the entire network's carbon footprint.

Most dealers are now equipped with smart meters and monitoring systems to allow staff to review and manage their energy consumption each day. Across the country, this initiative and others have amounted to an average 15 per cent reduction in CO2 at our Centres for 2012 compared to their historical footprint established in 2009.


It's great to know that our environmental efforts haven't gone unnoticed. In 2012, business consultancy Interbrand named Toyota the World's Greenest Brand – and not for the first time. Also last year, we were presented with the Fleet Hero Leadership Award by the Energy Saving Trust in recognition of our pioneering hybrid technology. Already this year, we have been crowned Car and Van Manufacturer of the Year in the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Awards. And with 30 per cent of the vehicles we sell now producing less than 100g of CO2 per kilometre, we hope more accolades will be on the way.