Rewarding Recycling

Thinking green can put some welcome cash in the bank when the time comes to scrap your old Toyota.

Thanks to the way Toyotas are built, it’s easy to separate out the majority of materials and reuse them – for example, there are even special markings on the fuel tanks to help dismantlers drill holes in the right place when removing leftover fuel.

But you’ll want to know that the more hazardous materials, such as old engine oil, are handled and reused safely. It would also be nice to get a bit of money for your trouble.

That’s exactly what Toyota is offering, and it’s called Rewarding Recycling. It works like this. First you check the website of recycling partner Autogreen to find out the guaranteed price you’ll be offered for your old vehicle*.

*All vehicle makes accepted.

If you think that value’s fair, you can pick a local Toyota Dealer, then get in touch and arrange the drop-off day, when you can take the car along with the V5 registration document and proof of ID**

You’ll get the payment from Autogreen via a BACS transfer direct to your bank account.

Then comes the emotional part. You’ll be emailed a Certificate of Destruction to say that the car is no longer your responsibility. However you’ll also have the comfort of knowing it’ll be broken up and recycled using the latest, most environmentally friendly methods.

Oh, and you’ll have the cash, too.

**What ID to bring: Bring one photo ID – a driving licence or passport AND A utility bill (the address on the bill must match the address on the vehicle's V5)