Introducing the GT 86

Rediscover the joy of driving

Turning the mundane into something magnificent, the GT 86 is entirely driver focused. The direct descendant of the FT-86 II Concept, it is a car with a sporting heritage dating back to the fabulous Toyota 2000 GT of the Sixties and inspired by the Corolla AE 86 of the Eighties.

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iQ and AYGO

Go small. But think BIG

AYGO and iQ - small cars with big ideas. Extending the possibilities when it comes to your driving experience.

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Discover Driving Pleasure - One GOod Turn
Discover Driving Pleasure - Making the Cut
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Taxing Issues

Both the iQ and the AYGO have light carbon footprints. AYGO emits just 105g/km (combined) and the iQ, with the 1.0-litre engine, just 99g/km.

That means, for the iQ, you pay no road tax.

One Good Turn

The iQ has a get-out-of- anything turning circle of just 3.9 metres, about half that of a London cab. The AYGO, meanwhile, has a super-tight 4.73m turning radius.

Making The Cut

There's a good answer to stop and start traffic: the Stop & Start feature in the 1.33-litre iQ. This switches off the engine when the car's at a standstill and starts it when you're about to move off.

Learn all about our new Toyota Touch and Toyota Touch & Go Systems...

Toyota Touch is the latest in-car multimedia system, featuring a 6.1" Touch screen, a rear-view camera

Toyota Touch - touch screen navigation

6.1-inch touch screen

A single, intuitive interface for everything from your sat-nav to your iPod.

Toyota Touch - rear view camera

Rear view camera

Parking's easy when you can see everything behind you. All thanks to the smart rear parking camera.

Toyota Touch & Go has even more to offer with full map satellite navigation and a host of connected services.

Toyota Touch - touch screen navigation

Google Local Search

Location searches via the Internet can be conducted in the comfort of your own home and sent directly to your car ready for you to start your journey.

Toyota Touch - touch screen navigation

Satellite Navigation

Featuring full map navigation, live traffic information, safety camera warnings and Point of Interest search.

Toyota Touch & Go Plus is designed for quick and easy use, with an advanced voice recognition system,
music search-and-play and access to email.

Toyota Touch - touch screen navigation

Advanced Voice Recognition

Advanced voice recognition allows you to vocally input destinations in the navigation, search and play music, and search and call contacts.

Toyota Touch - touch screen navigation

Text to speech function

This unique functionality allows you to receive important messages from family, friends or colleagues by reading your text messages aloud to you.

The all new Avensis made for the challenge

With upgraded exterior and interior features, the all new Avensis can make those long and tedious journeys anything but.

Including Touch & Go Plus (available on the T Spirit grade), the latest in in-car entertainment, the Avensis was built with style, comfort and entertainment in mind.

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